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weight loss

you are probably wondering why is there a dedicated page on weight loss?  the thing is, that most people get it wrong.  it is a simple path to follow but not as easy as thought.  however you need to be 100% dedicated to it.  you see, every day, you come across stories about how celebrities like adele, mariah carey, kim kardashian, gordon ramsey managed to achieve their weight loss goals.  what i can assure you of is that they put the work in, they followed their nutritional plan, they exercised, they stayed focus and listened to their fitness coach!  


and now science facts: what does it take to lose weight?  Regardless of what you may have heard or read, proper nutrition and exercise are the two essential ingredients.  it takes approximately 3,500 calories to gain or lose one pound of fat.  do not get stressed though.  if we break it down:  let's say we want to lose 2 pounds of fat.  which is equal to 7000 calories.  having 7 days in a week, we divide the 7000 calories by 7 and the answer is 1000 calories per day.


1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories x 2 pounds that we want to lose each week

2 pounds of fat = 7000 calories / 7 days per week

this equates to 1000 calories per day.


that's not too bad is it?

well, it's time for us to make a plan to get rid of these 1000!  how? you know the answer, that's why you are here anyway, join the team now and begin your body transformation!







you can check yourself how many calories your body burns in a day by simply adding your information below!  of course it is not just that, as we are taking into consideration activity level and your main goal.  do it to get an idea, and then let your coach do his magic!



Gibson, 2009 (weight loss)

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