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posture corrector

What is a good posture?  A good posture could be defined as a body which it’s muscles and other structures function properly.  Such a body could avoid abnormal wear and any tear.  Any bad posture could cause a form of osteoarthritis.  Proper posture allows you to walk and more with confidence as nothing stress your muscles, tendons and joints.  Neck pain is heavily linked to bad posture, so if you are facing any neck pain you might check your posture as well as Kim et al., (2015) found out that shoulder pain, mid back pain and low back pain were relieved with an exercise programme for posture correction.


Also, proper posture can boost your mood and make you think more positive.  Moreover, bad posture leads to a body with unnatural position and musculoskeletal pain which may also leads to no proper digestion, and increase the risk for acid reflux.



kim et al., 2015 (Effect of an exercise program for posture correction on musculoskeletal pain)


cardio fitness

On a healthy cardiorespiratory fitness level, a heart can function efficiently, thus it won’t have to work hard during your daily activities.  Also, your heart will be able to sustain high intensity physical activity during your workout or in an emergency event.  Cardio fitness level depends on your fitness goals, so in each programme provided by me the cardio section would be modified on your needs bearing in mind your overall health. 


The benefits of having a good cardiorespiratory fitness level are pretty much clear in many aspects of health.  The blood can carry out more oxygen through the muscles for a speedy recovery after your workouts.  Moreover, liver, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure and heart workload could all benefit for greater function and results from a good cardiorespiratory fitness level. 


In a long term view, good cardiorespiratory fitness level can lower the chances of heart disease and hypertension and on the other hand, it can improve blood lipids and overall health.       


Human Kinetics, 2010 (Health And Wellness For Life)

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